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Website Design

Carey Consulting

"I cannot say enough amazing things about Alicia! She made sure to understand me and my business well and was able to bring out my personality and message through her thoughtful design. Clear communication, timely, and an all-around pleasure to work with... I can’t wait to hire her again."

Nicole Carey
Owner, Carey Consulting

About the Client

Carey Consulting is an HR consulting firm in the Pacific Northwest. She offers customized approaches to maximize sustainable employee engagement and productivity. The founder, Nicole Carey, is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Authorized DiSC Partner, and People Consultant. Nicole has directly helped the development of hundreds of employees and leaders.


Project Goals

  • The client wanted a simple yet professional website that projected a feeling of calmness.

  • As a one-woman consultancy, the aesthetic of the website needed to reflect the brand personality of the owner.



  • We had set an ambitiously tight budget and turnaround time so I needed to nail the design's look & feel quickly.



  • I engaged the client in some pre-design activities and exercises to discover her brand essence and aesthetic preferences.

  • Specifically, I discovered that the client was drawn to purples, bright accent colors, Pacific Northwest mountains, and evergreen forests. She wanted to project an overall feeling of calm, and the sensation of accomplishment that you get upon hiking to the peak of a mountain.

  • I created a one-page website with anchor links to different sections for easy navigation. Accordion drop-downs housed extra information about her services without cluttering the site.

  • I created animated paint elements to tie the site into her logo design.

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