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Create Brand Gold


Every business and entrepreneur can leverage brand strategy to create effective and authentic marketing materials, but not everyone has the budget to invest in a brand consultant. That is why I'm creating a step-by-step branding course that walks you through my process to create a brand strategy for your organization at a fraction of what I charge for brand strategy consulting. Bite-sized videos will cover every phase of the branding process and will be supported with fillable PDF workbook pages so that at the end, you'll have a brand strategy book that is ready to be put to use for your organization.


Anyone can use the resulting brand strategy book to create on-brand marketing materials - you, your team, your intern, or a marketer you may hire. I'm tired of meeting start-ups, entrepreneurs and small business owners who know they need brand strategy but just don't take action because they don't know where to start on their own, and their budget just doesn't support hiring a brand consultant at the moment. Each module produces brand strategy pages that can be put to use immediately.

The course is set to launch Q3 2024. Join my email newsletter to stay in the know and get invited to any early bird discounts or perks that I roll out to celebrate the launch. 

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