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Branding Tools for Nonprofits

Updated 12/20/22 (Originally posted 6/25/22)

Use these tools to help you be efficient and on-brand as you work with your external and internal marketing teams. These were assembled in honor of the workshop I gave for City Club of Portland in June of 2015, Civic Workshops: Use Brand Strategy to Get Noticed and Communicate Smarter.

Workshop Slides on SlideShare

Tools for Nonprofits

NamingNameCheck: availability of accounts on social media

Weebly – Free Website Builder

Social Media InfographicWhich Channel to Use?

Hootsuite for Social Media (nonprofit discount)

Email MarketingMailChimp Guide for Nonprofits

Further Reading

The Role of Brand in the Nonprofit Sector By Nathalie Kylander & Christopher Stone

Brands = The New Weapons for Social Change by: Brad Fuller, U.S. managing director, RIVETGlobal

The impact of excess choice on deferment of decisions to volunteer by: Lauren S. Carroll, Mathew P. White, & Sabine Pahl

by: Seth Godin

by: Finance Strategists


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