• Logo, Brand Style Guide and Tshirt
  • Business Card and Packaging Labels

About Green Card Salsa

Green Card Salsa are makers of fine salsa, using a recipe that has been passed down for generations in the family. The company founder’s nickname at his fraternity house in college was “Brother Green Card” and his salsa became known as “Green Card’s Salsa”. While the names of their salsas are cheeky (Gringo = mild, Mexi-Can’t = medium, and Mexi-Can = hot), the company has deep respect for what it means to emigrate to America and attain a green card.

Project Goals

  • Design a logo and create a style guide.
  • Design packaging labels and marketing materials.


  • Design a logo that captured the comedic playfulness of the founder, as well as honored his family heritage.
  • Stretch those marketing dollars as far as possible.


  • The Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) was the inspiration behind the logo, lending an immediate connotation of Mexican culture, celebration, and salsa that’s so hot it just might kill you.
  • Create a full logo family and style guide to empower the client to be able to coordinate directly with fabricators to produce T-shirts, vehicle graphics, and more.
  • Design a circular packaging sticker that allows one design to be used for several different salsa flavors to save on production costs and assembly times for this bootstrapping start-up.
  • The business card serves a dual purpose as an order form for efficiency, cost savings, and portability.

Update: The product is now sold in plastic tubs which feature the logo Alicia Nagel Creative designed, but the actual labels were not produced by us. 

(background image credit: Alicia Nagel)