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Net Positive Realty

"Many compliments flowing in from your work on the website. Thank you."

Joan Hunziker
Founder, Net Positive Realty

About the Client

Net Positive Realty is a woman-led team of real estate professionals who joined forces to bring sustainable properties to Hawai'i. They are working directly with a cutting edge architect to construct and sell the first 3D printed luxury villas on the Island of Hawai'i.

The driving force of this organization is to radically redefine the impact that structures have on the environment. Many sustainable-minded projects, seek to reduce their carbon footprint. Some more advanced projects seek to completely offset their carbon footprint - also known as net zero impact. The concept of "net positive" is an ambitious undertaking where the structure actually generates a positive return in terms of energy and environmental impact. This is the ethos behind Net Positive Realty.

Net Positive Realty is involved with much more than just development and real estate. They work with a circle of industry professionals including architects, designers, engineers, contractors, landscape architects, and public officials committed to improving energy efficiency and environmental standards in the building industry.


Project Goals

  • Designs needed to project luxury, cutting edge technology, environmental stewardship, and an authentic Hawai'i vibe.

  • The client needed a logo, website, real estate signs, business cards, and professional photography.



  • We worked under a tight timeline. The founder and architect on the project needed to weigh in on all designs but were both incredibly busy.

  • Midway through the project, the company changed names from Printed Properties to Net Positive Realty. I worked with their IT manager to trouble-shoot email systems and domain name issues.

  • A rudimentary website had already been built and needed to be adopted, made on-brand, and fleshed out to reflect the rapidly growing company. The company offerings and architectural plans were sometimes being developed at the same time the website was being built, requiring us to all to flex like bamboo.

  • The team needed a property website up ASAP to help attract buyers for the Waters Edge 3D printed villas that were under construction. At the same time we needed to launch the Net Positive Realty brand and build out a site for that company.



  • To get a digital presence up ASAP, I took a phased approach to the website build out. Phase 1 involved creating a single-page site that answered the basics about Net Positive Realty and accepted email messages.

  • The website has a robust About section that covers everything having to do with the company, and a robust property section for the Waters Edge 3D printed villas. It is almost two sites in one. As the team adds more properties to their portfolio, the site is meant to expand to accommodate this growth.

  • The client didn't want to make floor plans available publicly on the website, so I created an automated system that enables website visitors to request the floor plans. The system authenticates the email address and then emails the floor plans to the recipient. The client was happy that this saved them from emailing the floor plans out to people on an individual basis.

  • I researched and wrote a plant guide for the endemic landscaping that will be at Waters Edge.

  • I designed business cards and real estate signs that reflected the brand aesthetic established by my website design. The founder and I did a photoshoot on the lush grounds of her property to capture professional portraits of her for use on the website and business cards.

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