Event Branding & Videos

Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt

"She held herself to a high standard and expected others to follow, raising the bar for everyone around her. I learned a great deal from her over the course of her tenure at GRAYBOX and recommend her highly."

David Hughes
VP of Strategy, Graybox

About the Client

Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt is a woman-led law firm on the West Coast with over 176 attorneys in eight cities. They offer a broad spectrum of business legal services focused on a handful of industries. At the time of writing they are the seventh largest law firm in the Pacific Northwest and the second largest in Oregon.


Project Goals

  • Each year the firm holds an all-attorney offsite retreat that gathers everyone in one location. The event has to have a high production value and be an annual highlight for the company. Their marketing team hired me to brand the event with a visual theme, and help create an event that would be "worth it" to an elite audience of highly in-demand lawyers. The event had to be completely captivating.

  • I created a culture video, a "get them pumped" video, animated slide presentations, logos, branded swag, event materials, copywriting, custom illustration, and email marketing.



  • The audience was incredibly time-sensitive. Since they bill by the minute, any minute that was not engaging or entertaining could be seen as a waste of their time.

  • Due to this being the legal industry, all communication materials needed to be carefully scrutinized by their team.

  • Presentation materials had to accommodate last-minute changes from multiple people at different locations.

  • Mid-way through the project, COVID restrictions resurfaced and I discovered the in-person retreat would be entirely virtual. Surprise!



  • I created two videos: a "get pumped" music video, and a culture video.

  • For what I'm calling the "get pumped" video, I rewrote the lyrics to Uptown Funk to be entirely about lawyers and recorded the vocals with a singer. I created a karaoke video, and worked with a videographer to shoot their leadership singing in costumes. The result was a hilarious music video with rallying lyrics and leadership staff camping it up - it was a hit. Due to privacy concerns for their staff I'm unable to share that video.

  • I created a culture video that combined B-roll footage on our Rock n Roll theme with staff photos, drawing parallels between "banding together" and their company culture. Because this video only aired internally, we used a popular rock song however I don't have rights to share it for promotional purposes so the video is shared here without sound.

  • Since the event was virtual, everyone was mailed swag items before the virtual event and presentations were very animated and interactive.