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Website Redesign & Brand Refresh

Vascular Vision

"Alicia’s creativity and attention to detail were instrumental in taking our company’s branding and profile to the next level. Her work on our company’s website was impressive to say the least."

Abdul Rutherford
President of Vascular Vision

About the Client

Based in Portland, OR, Vascular Vision is a leading provider of mobile cardiovascular screening services in the Pacific Northwest. This female-owned and minority-led company was started by Tenetia, an ultrasound practitioner in the West Coast region for 17 years. Vascular Vision provides a full range of vascular services to hospitals, clinics and physicians offices.


Project Goals

  • The previous website was showing its age and no longer accurately portrayed the innovative services and cutting edge technology of Vascular Vision. It was time for a redesign.



  • The website needed to anticipate the needs and motivations of different audience segments who had their own set of concerns and motivations.

  • Since the site was built, the percentage of traffic from mobile had greatly increased. The site needed to be optimized for mobile.



  • The logo and signature graphic stayed the same but the brand aesthetic got a major overhaul.

  • The color palette was expanded to include deep blues with small pops of red, orange, and "scrub" green. On the website, load animations and a homepage background video added movement to the site to make it feel fresher and more modern.

  • The founder didn't want her photo on the website but we wanted to have a warm and personal feeling, so I opted for an illustrated portrait of her instead.

  • I redesigned their business cards and designed a one-pager leave-behind for the founders to print on demand and include with their new business kit.

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