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How to Develop a Snapshot Profile of Your Target Audience

A target audience is a population segment that has common characteristics and motivations, whom you have identified as likely to be interested in what your organization offers. Painting a vivid picture of each of your target audiences is a powerful tool to help you anticipate their needs, questions, and communicate in ways that will resonate with them.

Target audience descriptions that are too inclusive or lightweight tend to be ineffective, and descriptions that are long and detailed can be daunting and cumbersome. Demographics is typically how the business world starts defining a target audience. However I would like to share some alternative defining traits which can also quickly and clearly define a target audience.

For each type of customer you have, you can answer the following Q's to help create a succinct but rich profile for that target audience segment.


  1. Age range

  2. Gender, if there is a trend there

  3. Income level description

  4. Living situation

  5. Relationship / family status

  6. Employment

  7. Education & level of tech savviness


  1. Most used apps

  2. Day off activities

  3. Brands they admire

  4. Tell-tale appearance characteristics

  5. What are they proud of about themselves?

  6. What keeps them up at night?

  7. What experiences and possessions do they cherish?

This list is purposely not exhaustive for all the defining characteristics you could list about your target audience. I propose that if you go through these 14 Q's and answer them, the results will be a brief but high-definition snapshot of who you're speaking to for each segment.

Download my PDF 1-page worksheet that you can fill in to walk yourself through answering these questions. If you keep your answers handy to use as a reference tool as you develop communications for your organization, your messaging will more effectively speak to your customers.


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