Ziba Panel Series #5: Future of Product Design, Young Designers, New Tools

Posted on Oct 13, 2014
Ziba Panel Series #5: Future of Product Design, Young Designers, New Tools


Ziba Panel Series: Future of Product Design – What happens when you ask 4 thought-leaders in the design community what advice they have for the rest of us designers? Here’s who they are and how they responded to my question on October 10, 2014 at Ziba’s event for Design Week Portland. Moderated by Ziba’s Carl Alviani.

(blurbs taken from Ziba’s write-up of the event)

Allan Chochinov, Chair and Co-founder of the School of Visual Arts MFA program in NYC  and Partner of the NY-based design network group Core77.

Aura Oslapas, Former SVP, Chief Design Officer at Best Buy as well as founder of A+O, a principal at SY Partners and a member of the senior management team at IDEO, where she led the SF office and was a global practice lead.

John Jay, President and Executive Creative Director of GX, an independent global creative agency focused on the concept and creation of new products, businesses, services and content. Jay is also a partner and trustee of Wieden + Kennedy.

Sohrab Vossoughi, Founder and President, Ziba Design where during his 29-year tenure, he received numerous accolades that include being named one of the five innovation gurus in the U.S. by Businessweek magazine and securing more than 40 patents.



As thought leaders in the design community, what advice do you have for those of us sitting in the audience?
(I’m paraphrasing their responses here.)

Allan: Surround yourself with a community of talented designers. Find people to collaborate with and let them help you become a better designer.

Aura: Find your passion and let that inspire and guide you.

John: Don’t work for stupid people. Stupidity is contagious – it spreads.

Sohrab: Find a purpose. Design in context. Context is so important.



Hear advice and perspectives from some emerging young designers on the topic in this video.