Why It’s Important

If you plan a gathering but don’t do event branding, you are missing out on several incredibly effective ways to connect with your audience. Promote your event through social media and traditional messaging channels. Enhance the experience of your event through a branded event page, online ticketing portal, signage, and promotion. Once your attendees are at the event, present a professional image with polished PowerPoint presentations, name badges and programs. Ensure your attendees are reminded of your company or organization by handing out branded items such as stickers, bags, or notebooks. Send a follow-up email to your attendees and vendors to strengthen relationships and build your mailing list.

When should I start branding my event?

Start thinking early! As a very general formula for larger gatherings we recommend you plan and name your event at least 3 months in advance and start creating your branded messaging 2 months in advance. You will then be ready to send out the first branded announcements about your event one month in advance.

How Branding Strengthens An Event

  • Branding your event establishes legitimacy – particularly important if you have an entry fee
  • Provides a consistent customer experience while attendees interact with your company
  • Improves memory of the event – helps attendees spread the word and makes them more likely to come to a future event
  • Sends the message that the event will be well-organized and have quality content
  • Reflects positively on the event organizer

What People Are Saying

“Alicia is a very talented designer and creative director who I had the pleasure to work with on a couple of projects. She can take a rough concept, quickly bring life and creativity to it and exceed expectations. I was amazed with just how smooth the process was to create a package design from scratch on a limited budget and timeline. I look forward to working with her again and recommend her to anyone needing design and creative work whether it’s a small/simple project or a large/complex campaign.”

– Greg Hedges, Marketing Experience and Business Development at GHI Marketing

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