Why It’s Important

Advertising has specific goals and involves a messaging campaign that adheres to a common theme. A brand identity should be in place before advertising to help messaging be consistent and effective. Advertising broadcasts your message to a larger audience than marketing collateral pieces, which are usually handed out in person to a smaller, pre-selected group. Typically an advertising campaign is three or more ads which are sent to the same audience group distributed over time or space. For a creative concept to succeed in advertising it must “have legs”, meaning the over-arching idea or theme is applicable not only to this media placement, but the same concept can be extended to create future relevant and engaging ads across multiple platforms.

Examples of Advertising

  • Magazine or newspaper ad
  • Pay-per-click online advertising
  • Billboard on a bus, bench or wall
  • Multi-media campaigns such as radio, online, social media, TV

What People Are Saying

“…We’ve collaborated on several projects as an art director-copywriter team. There is one campaign in particular which she wrote for, whose writing always gets a chuckle and sparks immediate conversation, even though it’s been in my portfolio for more than 4 years. I count her as a creative resource and value her opinion in both aesthetics and writing. I can rely on her whenever I need support or constructive feedback, or simply a jolt of creative energy to keep me going.”

– Henry Veloso, Group Art Supervisor at Grey Health

Featured Advertising Projects

Billboard in windows for coming soon advertising

Advertising Media for Ibex Expeditions