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About Zipporah Doula

Zipporah Doula provides doula services to pregnant women and their partners with an emphasis on natural practices and empowering the mother to assert her needs and desires regarding the birthing process. A doula is a woman who is professionally trained to support and assist women during pregnancy and birth. The website design has changed – you can reach it here.

Project Goals

  • Help a new company break into the market, be memorable and assert its strengths.
  • Create a brand identity (logo) that felt professional and expressed the natural beauty of women’s fertility.
  • Create a content-heavy website that the client can edit at any time by themselves.


  • Women’s fertility is a complicated concept to communicate in a single logo graphic
  • Editor of website would not have any HTML training
  • Budget restrictions


  • Use flowers as a metaphor for women’s fertility – bud, blossom, seed pod. Arranging the flowers in a circular shape hints at the cyclical nature of fertility.
  • Use an affordable Content Management System known for its intuitive interface so client can easily enter new content and make basic design or content changes on their own. Technology removes the need to hire a web developer. (The website has changed since they were a client.)

(background photo by: Oatsy40 on Flickr. Creative Commons license.)

Zipporah Doula