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About Thompson Advisory Services

Thompson Advisory Services offers holistic financial advice. This means they sit down with each client to discuss and examine how the client wishes to lead their life, then create a financial plan that supports those goals instead of passing any kind of judgement or expectations on what kind of lifestyle clients “should” lead. Thompson Advisory covers all aspects of financial services — tax preparation and planning, investment strategies, insurance, estate planning, retirement planning, budgeting, and more. The company is a fee-only which means they don’t receive commissions for up-selling their clients insurance or outside investments, like many other advisors. View the Thompson Advisory Services website here.

Project Goals

  • Create a holiday card that reflects the company founder’s philosophy – the best things in life can’t actually be bought – and share this sentiment in a meaningful way.
  • Create a holiday campaign that can be added on to for several years. (We are on year 5 now.)
  • Rewrite the text on the website to better reflect the company’s brand.


  • The holiday card message and graphic had to be carefully considered. People don’t like to hear from their financial advisor during the winter holiday season, when they are maxing out their credit cards to buy gifts, travel, and entertain. We considered a recent economic downturn that was happening when some of the first cards were sent, which can also lead people to feel down when thinking about their assets.
  • The text on the website needs to reflect the founder’s personality and address the concerns of multiple target audiences.
  • At the beginning of our engagement, the founder had just moved to Portland and needed to establish himself in a new market.


  • We found a local female artist whose philosophy is closely aligned with the founder of Thompson Advisory Services. Each year we have arranged with renowned paper-cut artist, Nikki McClure, to use one of her art pieces on the card. We’re thrilled to watch McClure’s popularity grow and attend her openings such as her solo exhibition at the PNCA Museum of Contemporary Craft in Portland, OR.
  • Thompson Advisory Services has received numerous positive reactions from card recipients.
  • We use industry-best practices for sustainability in printing and paper sourcing.
  • To increase open rates, we use iridescent or sparkly, eye-catching paper for envelopes.
  • A slideshow and short phrases were created for the homepage to quickly address the most common concerns of the target audience. Headlines and text were completely rewritten.

Background photo by Alicia Nagel

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