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SOSSA was a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people speak out about sexual abuse. They offered support, provided information on other helpful resources, counseled survivors of abuse, and led workshops for survivors and their families.


Switchyard Creative

Project Goals

  • A brand refresh was needed. The old logo was a silhouette of an oak tree in black and the client wanted something more open, welcoming and reassuring.
  • We needed to design a new website and create basic marketing materials


  • Could the logo communicate what the organization does?
  • This was an organization dedicated to speaking out against something which is taboo to speak about. Materials needed to communicate reassurance, friendliness and transparency.
  • Budget restrictions limited both current and future marketing efforts.


  • The logo design highlights communication – the core of “speaking out” about something. It concentrates on the healing process rather than the past.
  • The logo is made up of graphics which can be easily carried across the website and marketing materials. This means the organization didn’t need to purchase new stock images to add visuals to future items.
  • The overall goal of the website design was to feel open and gentle.
  • We worked closely with the Executive Director to carefully copywrite text for the organization’s brochure.
  • Stickers were designed with the goal of making people stop and think, and hopefully spark a conversation. The design tied in with the organization’s Ask10 campaign where they challenged people to reach out to 10 contacts to ask if they had been subjected to sexual abuse.

(background photo by: Karin Dalziel. Creative Commons license.)