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About Sashi

Sashi is a high-end sushi, sake and robata restaurant in Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles. Close collaboration with the founders, celebrity chef, and a restaurant consultant formed the vision for their restaurant and translated it into a brand. During the start-up process a brand book was used to attract investors. Then we collaborated with KetchumPR, other designers, interior designers and landscape architects to translate the brand into a physical restaurant. View some photos of Sashi that appeared in the LA Times here.

(background photo of Manhattan Beach, CA. Creative Commons License by Flickr user: TurtleStay)

Project Goals

  • Help the founders gain investors.
  • Build cachet and buzz around the restaurant.
  • Present a high-end, sophisticated image through mindfully designed marketing materials and dining areas.
  • Maintain brand consistency.


  • Heavy competition: Manhattan Beach is an upscale neighborhood with several adjacent restaurants that were already hot spots.
  • This was the founders’ first foray into working in the restaurant business.
  • Timing of the opening was on a very aggressive schedule. Most items were designed and produced on a rush basis.


  • To paint a picture of the founders’ vision for the restaurant we created a short brand book to place within the Private Placement Memorandum document which sought investors. It was very successful and the founders achieved their ideal funding amount.
  • The interior designers and landscape architects used the brand book to inform their designs.
  • Graphic elements were used throughout for brand consistency. We designed sub-logos for sushi, sake and robata (traditional Japanese grill) which were used throughout to communicate the main elements of the menu. Alicia art directed a photo shoot to generate a library of original custom images of menu items to use across materials.
  • To stay on top of the 60+ deliverables and in sync with various teams, weekly on-site team meetings were held to stay on top of the rush schedule and ensure efforts were on-brand.
  • We built buzz by filling the windows of the under-construction restaurant with beautiful photos of menu items. We collaborated with KetchumPR firm to stage several events and a few soft openings before the official opening.