• PDX Empanadas logo and font
  • PDX Empanadas Cart

About PDX Empanadas Foodcart

Uruguayan-born husband and wife team, Ines and Walter Beron, moved their empanada making business from Boston to Portland. PDX Empanadas sits on the corner of SW Oak and 4th Street in downtown Portland. They sell handmade, authentic and delicious empanadas stuffed with local, organic ingredients at the downtown cart, and at Wilsonville farmer’s market.


B.T. Livermore, painter

Project Goals

  • Refresh the brand to be competitive in Portland.
  • Stay authentic to the founders’ revolutionary ideals and Uruguayan heritage.
  • Create an overall look and feel that could be carried throughout all marketing materials.


  • The owners had freshly moved from Boston and were unfamiliar with the Portland foodcart world.
  • It’s vital to communicate what the brand and food is all about through the foodcart’s exterior, as most business is from foot traffic, especially in the beginning of a foodcart’s life.


  • The logo shows an empanada in case people are unfamiliar with the food.
  • The logo has the sun, inspired by the Uruguayan flag.
  • A custom font was made from the handwriting of popular Uruguayan artist, Joaquín Torres García. The font can be used for menus and other promotional materials to let the owners quickly and easily create on-brand items on their own.
  • The signature artistic style of García’s loosely rendered icons and primary color palette also inspired a mural for the outside of the foodcart, painted by B.T. Livermore.

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