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About OS&e Inc.

OS&e Inc. needed brand strategy & design for the launch of their new product. Their revolutionary new software greatly improves the workflow and efficiency for the hospitality industry. It is a virtual marketplace that connects hotel brands with vendors who sell operating supplies and equipment such as sheets, alarm clocks, bath robes or mini fridges. The software has money and time-saving features such as lumping similar supply orders together with other hotels to negotiate better pricing, and it can anticipate when certain supplies might run out based on previous orders. OS&e Inc. is a new offshoot of GS Associates, Inc. who is an established and well-regarded player in the hospitality industry, offering procurement services (more permanent hotel products such as chandeliers, banquettes, carpet, etc.).


Emily Skaer, animator

(background image: Creative Commons License by Flickr user Valerie Hinojosa)

Project Goals

  • Target hospitality brands as well as supply vendors.
  • Communicate the brand essence of bringing order from chaos.
  • Create a website and video that could be effective when experienced on their own, but could also be used as aids to in-person presentations for the sales team.


  • Explain a complex product as simply as possible while still establishing relevance to the target audience.
  • The goals and motivations of certain segments of the target audience are quite different.
  • The software was still being built while these marketing efforts were taking place.


  • Work closely with the client to create a brand video that explains how the product works. Tasks included scriptwriting, storyboarding, art directing character development & motion graphics, directing voiceover talent, sourcing options for sound effects and music, and managing video production process.
  • Sell the big picture: instead of offering a bullet-point list of product features, tell the story of how the product will improve the lives of its customers.
  • Develop a brand strategy including a competitive audit, personas for segments of the brand’s target audience, brand personality & voice. Map out customer motivations and decision-making process to inform website’s content strategy and user experience design.
  • Create a full brand logo family and style guide, business cards, flyers, and website design.