• OMEP Marketing Collateral
  • OMEP Event Branding
  • Event Branding Videography

About OMEP

OMEP is a non-profit organization who provides efficiency consulting to manufacturing companies in Oregon. View their website here.


The organization has engaged us for the following:

  • Develop editorial calendar and campaigns to meet marketing goals
  • Marketing and event branding of networking events, workshops, speaking engagements
  • Design and oversee multimedia production of all marketing materials
  • Social media campaigns & strategy
  • Represent client and provide creative direction for recent website redesign by local PR firm
  • Copywriting


  • OMEP is many things to their many clients, at different points in each company’s¬†growth cycle. Marketing must be mindful of various relationship dynamics, niche markets and decision makers.
  • Maintain brand identity across all marketing efforts.


  • Define and develop reusable brand graphics to be used across multiple media.
  • Develop a procedure for promoting events including: naming & copywriting, online promotion, online ticketing management, designing event materials, and promoting after event.

Background photo Creative Commons License, by William Warby.