• Nye Architecture Branding
  • Nye Architecture White Logo

About Nye Architecture

Nye Architecture specializes in sustainable design using green technologies and re-purposed materials. The principal architect creates innovative spaces formed from unexpected angles and surfaces which highlight their natural materials. View the Nye Architecture website here.

Project Goals

  • Create a brand identity (logo) that communicates the architect’s style and vision.
  • Create a business card.


  • Understanding the architect’s style necessitated a detailed examination of his body of work and aesthetic vision. The brand audit process included a portfolio review and delving deep into why he makes design choices.


In the finished logo, the name “NYE” is formed from the negative space of angular shapes, reflecting how he creates living spaces from uniquely angled walls and elements. Grey areas hint at being the shadows of buildings. The angles in the logo were very purposefully chosen and refined together with the Principal Architect.

(background photo by: Horia Varlan. Slide photos by: Will Scullin, and Flickr User Wonderlane. Creative Commons Attribution license.)