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  • Moonstruck Chocolate Branding

About Moonstruck Chocolate

Moonstruck Chocolate makes hand crafted gourmet chocolates and truffles in Portland, Oregon. Their confections are sold in a handful of Moonstruck Chocolate Cafes in and around Portland, as well as in gift stores and larger retail food markets such as Whole Foods and New Seasons. All recipes are invented by in-house chocolatier, Chef Julian Rose, recently named one of the top chocolatiers in all of North America. The Food Network declared Moonstruck Chocolates “some of the most elegant truffles in the Western Hemisphere,” and they’ve been celebrated at the Oscars, the Emmys, on the Rachael Ray Show, Ellen DeGeneres Show, and by Oprah.

Project Goals

  • Assess the current brand and target audiences to determine if there is a “Brand Gap”, or if they are aligned.
  • Make recommendations to Moonstruck Chocolate for how they could better align their brand and adjust marketing materials to more authentically reflect who they are.
  • Conduct primary and secondary research to determine who their target audience is, and where they fit within the competitive marketplace.
  • Design new packaging for four Moonstruck Chocolate tumbled chocolate products.


  • Moonstruck Chocolate is most commonly known as makers of high-end truffles, however their other product lines are not as well-known.
  • Uphold the brand promise of a high-quality, gorgeous, delicious product while distributing  goods through mass consumer channels such as grocery markets – and don’t dilute the brand.
  • Research and client insight indicated that the format of the previous packaging for tumbled chocolate products needed to be completely overhauled.


  • Conduct a Brand Audit interview of CEO, Brand Manager, Chef, and other key staff.
  • Moonstruck Chocolate Cafes are known for exquisite customer service and are true embodiments of the brand. Conduct site visits and interview key cafe staff.
  • Review target audience data from top market research firms, Ipsos and Experian, to determine consumer traits and where they overlap.
  • Produce a brand strategy book for Moonstruck Chocolate which contained a summary of brand strategy findings and recommendations.
  • Conduct extensive research on emerging packaging trends, consumer behavior, and perceived value to inform packaging design.
  • Photograph beauty shots and ingredient shots for proof of concepting and mock-ups. Then art direct a professional photo shoot for final packaging.
  • Design packaging for tumbled chocolate product line which needed to blend the luxury feel of the truffle line of products, with the more playful and casual feel of Moonstruck’s mass market line of products (chocolate bars, cocoa, etc.).
  • Create 3D renderings of packaging for client to use in sales sheets before actual packaging was completed.

(background image credit: Alicia Nagel)