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About Matura Farrington

Matura Farrington provides direct hire and temporary staffing assistance for support and management positions throughout Los Angeles, Orange County, and Southern California. The companies they place staff in are Los Angeles’ top law firms and corporations who demand of their staffing firms a set of ethics, standards, and values that are similar to their own. They have an excellent reputation for ethics and thoroughness within the staffing services industry. View the Matura Farrington website here.

Project Goals

Create a company brochure that:

  • Was modern and cheerful – client felt current brand was too subdued and “square”
  • Reflected the company’s philosophy and personality
  • Was engaging and sophisticated
  • Could hold additional literature (Hotsheet of that week’s new candidates)
  • Could be mailed or handed out in person


  • Current brand colors of beige and sage green must stay but piece needed to be fun
  • Format must be mailable by US Postal Service and hold additional literature securely
  • Brochure must resonate with two target audiences: job seekers and companies who have staff positions open


  • Add warmth and punch to the existing color palette of beige and green by including tomato red and fire orange.
  • Engage the recipient of the piece: as they remove the cover of the mailer, the circular die-cut changes color and texture due to the printed brochure inside. This supports Matura Farrington’s belief that each candidate is unique and important. The die-cut is taken from the company’s logo, which is an abstraction of people standing in a line.
  • Careful copywriting addresses the desires of both job-seekers and hiring companies.
  • A back pocket perfectly fits the weekly Hotsheet or a standard 8.5″ x 11″ sheet size folded in half.
  • Pre-printed Hotsheet template sheets can be inserted into an office printer to print candidates at a moment’s notice.

Background photo by Alicia Nagel.