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About Lightspeed Technologies

Lightspeed Technologies designs and manufactures classroom audio systems. It sounds simple but their products are quite advanced. Independent studies have shown that use of their systems significantly improves classroom learning in both hearing-impaired and hearing-healthy students. Alicia supported Lightspeed for several years doing everything from illustration, designing a variety of marketing collateral, copywriting, and production art. View the Lightspeed Technologies website here.

(background photo by: Bart Everson. Creative Commons license.)


  • Redesign library of marketing materials to be consistently on brand.
  • Provide easy-to-follow instructions on how to properly set up and use Lightspeed’s very sophisticated products.
  • Provide compelling sales materials to help salespeople communicate benefits of the products.


  • The biggest challenge was communicating complicated technical instructions in an understandable way. For example, highly technical instructions were received from engineers – sometimes in a pencil-drawn format with arrows. These instructions had to be broken down into easily-digestible steps and staged for photographing, then made into detailed technical illustrations.


Designed and illustrated:

  • A set of icons
  • Website graphics and email marketing campaigns
  • User instruction manuals
  • Marketing flyers, direct-mail pieces, sales materials
  • Storyboards for product videos
  • Tradeshow materials

Managed production for a variety of items including:

  • Brochures and various printed paper items (example)
  • DVD: interactive menu, packaging, disc silkscreening & burning