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About KAA Design Group

KAA Design Group was a multi-disciplinary design firm doing architecture, interior design, landscape design, and brand experience. Clients included luxury brands such as residential estates, haute cuisine eateries, real estate investment firms, and boutique hotels. Today they have changed their offered services to be mainly architecture.

Project Goals

  • Develop branding tools to gather, record, and capture the brand essence of clients.
  • Design marketing materials which capture the imagination and support the company mission of uplifting the spirit through design.
  • Market the design firm to previous and existing clients as well as prospective clients.


  • Develop tools while using them; continuously test, assess and improve them.
  • Keep a sense of wonder as well as professionalism in design projects.
  • Pay attention to aesthetics while not compromising the effectiveness of the message to be communicated in marketing pieces.


  • Create and refine the following tools:
    • Brand Keyword Map
    • Brand Audit Interview
    • Focus Group Exercises
    • Brand Story Book
    • Brand Guide Book
  • Design marketing materials for use on a multitude of channels.
  • Work with marketing department to develop and execute a campaign calendar.

(background image credit: Alicia Nagel)