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About InsYght Consulting

InsYght Consulting was a start-up dedicated to helping companies communicate with Gen-Y audiences by conducting targeted research and consulting on marketing, branding and management practices. Its founders were two forward-thinking Gen-Y entrepreneurs who built the company to answer a need. They worked with companies in the Portland Metro region. Alicia was also on their Board of Advisors.

Project Goals

  • Help founders distill the essence of what their brand stands for.
  • The logo should show youth yet professionalism and hint at what the company does.
  • Develop a brand style guide and image library for use on all future marketing efforts. This helped the client save time and money. This allowed them to hire a junior designer and use the guides as a virtual creative director to ensure brand consistency and provide inspiration.
  • Design business cards for the team.


  • Gen-Y founders faced prejudice about their age. It was imperative that they present a unified, professional, polished image. At the same time they should communicate that they have their finger on the pulse of the youth market.


  • Created logo that communicates a mix of youthful enthusiasm and professionalism with vivid colors and a strong angular font. The transition from square to circle is a metaphor for InsYght helping their clients adjust their practices to be more conducive to Gen-Y.
  • Performed a brand audit with the company founders to help them define who they are and what they stand for in succinct phrases. Developed a keyword map to inform copywriting for future marketing messaging.
  • Created a detailed brand style guide – specified color palette, logo usage, etc. Outlined how to create or choose graphics and photography that support the brand. Provided purchasing information for a library of existing stock images that support the brand image.

(background photo by: Frédéric BISSON. Creative Commons license.)