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About Ibex Expeditions

Ibex Expeditions lead tailor-made eco tours, adventure journeys, cultural holidays, and luxury & safari travel in India. Their travel plans are socially and environmentally sensitive to destinations. For example, if you wanted to catch the last leg of the snow leopard tracking season in Ledakh, Ibex would arrange the details and set up accommodations in local homes to support the region’s economy. View the Ibex Expeditions website here.


Photography by Will Nagel

Project Goals

  • Send a targeted direct response mail campaign to gain awareness of the name, Ibex Expedition, and drive traffic to┬átheir website.
  • This was a spec campaign, so one of the goals was to have fun.


  • People may think they can plan their own vacations and are reluctant to hire a company to do so.
  • Potential to get lost in junk mail.


Created a postcard that looks as if it has been lost in the mail and arrives by accident to the recipient. At first the postcard gets accepted as a piece of personal mail, and is more likely to be read. Once the recipient realizes they don’t know the sender, the message still appeals to our sense of voyeurism. The message describes an amazing, ┬ásoul-feeding, life-influencing experience that the writer is having. If the recipient wants a similar experience they will visit Ibex Expeditions’ website. Each postcard has original illustration and features photography from India. They are pieces of art that the recipient may tack up for their aesthetic appeal, giving the marketing message longevity.

Background photo by Alicia Nagel.