• Cloudfeet Website

About Cloudfeet

Cloudfeet was started by two practicing lawyers who needed to help their clients stay organized. They created a secure online service to solve their problem. The resulting product, Cloudfeet, uses encryption technology that is truly secure and superior to leading online confidential services – it has real value not only to the founder’s clients but also to the clients of other lawyers and professionals. View the Cloudfeet website here.

Project Goals

  • Communicate in a simple, easy-to-understand way what the product does
  • Demonstrate the need for such a product
  • Project an image of high tech, secure yet approachable
  • Refresh the existing logo


  • Find a way to convey complex technical information in layman’s terms so the general public can understand why Cloudfeet’s technology is superior.
  • Using the product is a several-step process that needed to be communicated without recording a product demo video.
  • Website must speak to two target audiences with different needs and desires: professional service providers (lawyers, accountants, etc.) and their clients.


  • Worked closely with the CTO to understand technical specifications of the encryption and how the product works. Distilled this into a four-step, easy-to-understand explanation. Developed phrasing that speaks to the needs and desires of target audiences without over-communicating technical details.
  • Created simple illustrations to enhance people’s understanding of how it works.
  • Demonstrated technical sophistication on homepage by creating something more complicated with PDX Hub web developer. Created a fluid animation where elements slide into view separately using HTML5 instead of outmoded Flash.
  • Logo was refreshed and worked into a common header.

(background photo by: Liz West. Creative Commons license.)