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About City Club of Portland

“City Club of Portland is a nonprofit, nonpartisan education and research based civic organization dedicated to community service, public affairs and leadership development,” read the organization’s marketing. Over 1,600 members are involved in research projects that receive respect from and inform city and state government political decisions. A few initiatives City Club of Portland has influenced are the role that bicycles play in the city of Portland, the usability of our beloved Forest Park, and the promotion of public civic discourse through their weekly Friday Forums which are broadcast on OPB. City Club of Portland is an organization with a rich historical legacy but is constantly evolving. Find out more about their organization here.



(background photo by: K. Kendall. Creative Commons license.)

Project Goals

  • As City Club of Portland’s 100 year anniversary approaches, the organization wanted to refresh their brand to authentically reflect the internal changes that were taking place – members were younger and more diverse, communication tools had become tech-forward, and trending and current topics were inspiring initiatives.


  • City Club of Portland is a multi-faceted organization with several arms, sub-committees, initiatives, and recurring events which all needed to be considered and addressed in the brand refresh.
  • The organization’s membership base and leadership teams are made up of folks with a diverse array of backgrounds and career stages. The brand needed to resonate with everyone from Gen-Y to Baby Boomer.
  • City Club of Portland is modernizing, expanding, and enjoying a younger, more diverse membership base. However the organization has a rich history and many members who have been involved for much of their entire adult lives and into retirement. The brand needed to bridge the gap between the past and the future.


  • With former Mayor Sam Adams and his wing-woman Rachel Loskill, Alicia Nagel Creative put together a plan to gather input from the many faces of City Club of Portland. Alicia Nagel Creative conducted surveys, focus groups, and interviews.
  • Logo design concepts presented to the client directly addressed research findings.
  • The main logo conjures connotations of:
    Ripples of Influence – from research findings
    Broadcast – of civic discourse events
    Two Sides – to every issue are examined by the organization, represented by blue and orange which are opposite on the color wheel
    Civic Debate – circular seating like that in the colosseum and modern UN meetings is hinted at
    Touch of History – the serif-ed “of” and “P” harken back to the old logo and classical fonts used for identity in the history of the organization.
  • A brand style guide provides guidelines for logo usage to empower the organization to create their own on-brand communications.
  • A new member campaign, “Love Portland Back”, was created along with T-shirt designs and scoutbooks. A stirring manifesto was penned to rally members.

CIty Club of Portland