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About Alana Homesley Interior Design

Alana Homesley Interior Design is an interior design firm located in Southern California specializing in upscale residential spaces. View the Alana Homesley Interior Design website here.

 Project Goals

  • Create new brand identity.
  • Design a full stationery package.
  • Create a portfolio website.


  • The visual representation of the design was of paramount importance since this is a design company.
  • The website needed to showcase various designs as well as maintain the brand identity and avoid clashing.


  • The icon mark is circular, representing wholeness and harmony, and a triad to represent the importance of balanced asymmetry in design. It is also reminiscent of interior fabric patterns and architectural details.
  • The website is simple yet refined – an effective combination when the emphasis should be on the portfolio items themselves and not the overall framework.

(Background photo by Alicia Nagel.)