Social Media: Basics Worksheet, Recent Praise, Speaking Event

Posted on Jul 16, 2013
Social Media: Basics Worksheet, Recent Praise, Speaking Event

I’ll be weighing in on social media best practices at this Friday’s OEDA Summer Conference in Corvallis. The event will include an address from the Corvallis Mayor, growth stories from four successful local start-ups, see four panelists weigh in on how to use social media to drive business, and more.

I’ve prepared this Social Media Assistant hand out to give to workshop attendees to help them get started on social media. It goes into detail on Twitter and Facebook best practices and tips, but also offers help that applies to several social platforms. The hand out covers things such as what to use Facebook and Twitter for, dimensions to make graphics for a customized profile, an explanation of Twitter “terms”, online tools which can help you schedule and track your social media marketing, and QR codes / links to various online resources where you can learn more.

Recent Praise for Our Social Media Work

The Oregon Economic Development Association (OEDA) is a statewide non-profit organization working to support economic development professionals who are on Oregon’s front line in diversifying and expanding Oregon’s economy.

Recently the Alicia Nagel Creative team I’ve assembled for OMEP has received high praise for our summer social media campaigns for the company. My client OMEP exchanged the following accolade in June on behalf of our work from the national level MEP:

OMEP:  Our creative team came up with a WAY cool idea, as a run up to national manufacturing day. Basically, we are using our Facebook page to highlight “made in Oregon” products over the summer; we will auger into more detail on things like food and beverages, outdoor gear, transportation stuff (boats, bikes, RVs)…all in a buildup to Oct. 4 [national manufacturing day]. Attached is the “header imagery” that they came up with.

National MEP:  Larry: kudos to you and your team. This is soooo awesome! I’m sharing w/ Mark S. who is going to go ga‐ga over this too. We totally want to tap into the cool side of mfg for mfg day — like gear and outdoors/transportation. I hope you talk about this and feature it as part of your pres for the webinar next week. Mark: ck out the facebook site:

I just love this and have shown it to the comms team here. Very super cool indeed. Love the idea of combining both campaigns and using made in your state as a way to showcase cool products on FB and then cross‐promote mfg day. The imagery and visual design is excellent and definitely provides you w/ a great, fun brand. Would be fantastic for other states to learn about this. Do you want to share it on MEP connect, in addition to your presentation next week? Thanks Larry and kudos again!

OMEP President:  Let me add my appreciation for your efforts. Really well done!!

OMEP is Oregon’s MEP and is a non-profit consulting organization dedicated to helping Oregon manufacturers respond to the challenges of competing in an increasingly global economy. They work with owners, executives, managers and operators to assess company needs in all areas.

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