New Office Location: Ford’s 1914 Model T Factory

Posted on Jul 23, 2013
New Office Location: Ford’s 1914 Model T Factory

The world headquarters of Alicia Nagel Creative has moved! The new office location is now at The Ford Building in SE Portland. It was originally a Model T factory built in 1914 by Ford. I’ve been told snippets of history by other tenants and the proprietors. For example – the freight elevator is original to the building and when it broke a couple months ago, they had to hire a metalworker to create a custom metal part for it to get it working again. And yes, it does still work. Also, the Model T’s were stored on the roof, and when someone bought one they’d use the elevator to bring them down. The place has great huge factory windows, enormous ceilings, and tons of character. But I wanted to know more. I really enjoyed digging up some history about the place, and what a 1914 Model T assembly line might look like. I thought I’d share what I found.


Interesting Bits

“On January 5, 1914, Henry Ford announced a new minimum wage of five dollars per eight-hour day, in addition to a profit-sharing plan. It was the talk of towns across the country; Ford was hailed as the friend of the worker, as an outright socialist, or as a madman bent on bankrupting his company.” – Forbes Greatest Business Stories of All Time

Model T promo video1900s

Model T promotional clip from 1900s. Posted by DV Archive.


Young Henry Ford. Posted on the Maker Education Initiative website.

Ford Model T Assembly Line

Ford Model T Assembly Line. Posted on Shade Tree Mechanic website.


Ford Model T assembly Line 1913

Ford Model T assembly Line 1913. Posted on Wikipedia.


An article about the impact the Model T had on society when it came on the market.

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