Grow in 2015

Posted on Dec 18, 2014
Grow in 2015


Holiday Cards that Grow Flowers

This year our holiday cards are wishing you growth in 2015! An evergreen-tree shaped cutout card is made from seedpaper – paper that has been embedded with seeds which can be germinated to grow plants. The seedpaper is made by Botanical Paperworks, who have invested quite a bit of energy into testing the paper to make sure that the seeds actually germinate and turn into plants, and have improved their recipes and processes over the years. 

What kinds of flowers will grow?

Seedpaper Flowers Snapdragon, Sweet Alyssum and Black-eyed Susan

Seedpaper Flowers Catchfly Daisy

Seedpaper Flowers birds-eye clarkia

How to grow flowers from your seed paper card

1) Fill a pot with good-quality potting soil. Botanical Paperworks recommends filling it about 2/3 full, but I expect this depends on the pot you use. I suspect leaving about 1-2″ empty at the top should be fine. It can be planted inside or outside in the ground.

2) Place the plantable seed paper on top of the soil, trimming to fit.

3) Cover the seed paper with a thin layer of soil (1/8″-1/4″) and water well, until the soil and seed paper are evenly damp.

4) Place the pot in a location with plenty of sun and keep moist until the plantable paper has germinated, about 7-10 days.

5) For more info and detailed instructions, go here.

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