After working in design and advertising for 13 years with everyone from small companies to multinational firms such as TBWA\Chiat\DayPublicis & Hal Riney, and DDB, I decided that I wanted to go small, to go personal, and work directly with small to medium business owners. I also worked as Brand Storyteller to form KAA Design‘s Brand Experience department consisting of creative director, several designers, production artists and developers. It was during this time that the term “branding” was first being coined. To my surprise, I’d been doing “branding” all along, it just didn’t have a buzzword associated with it yet!

Communicating the passion and story behind a company is a compelling and memorable message. Why do the founders jump out of bed each morning fired up to keep going? We need to find this truth and express it vividly. This is part of the brand story that is going to resonate and stick with people.

Brands are not created, they’re discovered. Each company, right now, right this very second, has a brand. You will hear many definitions from other marketers out there, but I define a brand as what the company seeks to add to the world, their personality, their target audience, and what makes them unique in the marketplace. This should inform every piece of design and communication from the company, written or visual. This is the kind of marketing strategy I do.

If this kind of stuff stokes your fire too, let’s go grab a drink and have a good talk about it. I’d love that.

About the Company

Though I specialize in brand identity work and design, Alicia Nagel Creative works with a broad range of other professionals to provide holistic brand services to clients. As a boutique collective agency, we offer the services of big-name marketing firms without the high overhead of a large agency. My collaborators are the cream of the crop – they are passionate, independent and constantly honing their skills. I love the cross-pollination of ideas that comes from working with some of the city’s most innovative minds and being able to bring work to this talented pool of thriving creators.

In addition to doing branding, design and marketing for my clients I also donate my services to non-profits and organizations who I believe in to help set them up for success. I also do occasional speaking events to bring an increased understanding of branding to the community.

My clients are entrepreneurs, established companies, and marketing-related service firms (PR, development shops, etc.). Some of them are listed here. If you’d like to be one of them, let’s talk.