13 Local Gifts for the Discerning Recipient

Posted on Dec 19, 2014
13 Local Gifts for the Discerning Recipient

13 Local Gifts for the Discerning Recipient is about putting your money back into the local economy and giving unique gifts to the folks on your list. With this in mind, we’ve rounded up 13 ideas for how to do that.

  1. DIY Terrarium Workshop
    Give the gift of a new experience with this class from Christopher David, perfect for any skill level from green thumb to plant-killer. Attendees will create their own mini paradise and learn to care for it in this 60-minute session. Complementary wine or beverage and charcuterie included.
  2. Local Designer Goods
    Land Gallery
    Drop by the Land Gallery to find office and home goods created by local artists. The space is one part art gallery and one part retail shop, featuring new art every month and goods from over 100 artists. From books and greeting cards to dishes and tshirts, you are sure to find what you didn’t even know you were looking for.
  3. Walnut or Maple iPhone Case
    Grove iPhone Case
    For the classiest of recipients, grab a lasercut iphone case in your choice of two woods from Grovemade. Don’t let the ultra thin design fool you – intelligent engineering ensures strength and durability. The application of this classic material to the latest technology is sure to delight.
  4. Letterpress Abstract Maps
    Abstract Map
    These handmade maps from Archie’s Press are perfect wall art no matter where you live. Abstract shapes are employed as a metaphor for a city’s layout, making a “map of the mind” for each city while also providing an aesthetically pleasing print. Get one for the city a friend lives in now, the city he grew up in, or the city he dreams of moving to.
  5. Rustic Diamond Jewelry
    Rustic Diamond
    Local designers at TWIST celebrate diamonds in the rough, creating beautiful jewelry with diamonds that don’t match traditional tastes. Breaking the mold of traditional and clear cut, these Rustic Diamonds are all the colors of the rainbow and each one-of-a-kind, perfect for the one-of-a-kind lady on your list. Even better – you get bigger diamonds for a fraction of the cost you’d expect to pay for this stone.
  6. Beard Styling Products
    Beard care styling products
    Just what every Portlandian man needs – beard care. Wild Rose’s Wild Man all-natural products are handcrafted in Oregon using sustainable and ethically produced ingredients. Choose between cream, wash, conditioner and wax or a gift set containing a bit of each. The recipient will be overjoyed when his beard is silky smooth (and so will his sweetheart).
  7. Missionary Chocolate
    Missionary Chocolate
    These fancy chocolates began as an experiment in Melissa Berry’s kitchen, but soon won first place at the National Chocolate Festival. With flavors like Spicy Cinnamon Chipotle and Meyer Lemon Explosion, vegans and omnivores alike can’t help but indulge. Missionary Chocolate are the prescription for your chocolate addiction and make great hostess gifts.
  8. Haute SauceHaute SauceFor your favorite spicy food lover, give them local small-batch hot sauce. Marshall’s Haute Sauce creates unique spice blends and flavor combinations with local ingredients. All sauces are gluten-free, additive-free, and vegetarian (most are vegan but some include honey), so even those on strict diets can add a bit of spice to their lives. Don’t forget to tie one of Marshall’s recipe cards on to the bottle with a big bow!
  9. Kombucha Starter Kit
    Kombucha Starter Kit
    First made centuries ago in Asia, Kombucha can now be made in your own home thanks to Oregon Kombucha. Using organic ingredients and tea flavors specifically paired for use in Kombucha, anyone can become a fermentation master and reap the healthy benefits. Pear Ginger Black Tea is their most popular flavor.
  10. Local Beer and Wine
    Beer & Wine
    Oregon is home to 173 brewing companies, over 450 wineries, and more than 30 distilleries, so why not make this holiday season a locally supplied one? For fancy holiday dinners or more casual affairs, turn to drinks produced in your own backyard and revel in the flavors of Oregon. If you’re flying home for the holidays, head to House Spirits Distillery or Rogue Beer in the Portland Airport to pick up a bottle of local spirits once you’re already through security.
  11. Living Christmas Tree
    Live Christmas Tree
    This year do a little something to help out the environment by ordering a living tree instead of one that was chopped down. Delivered to your home in a pot, it is picked up when you are done with it and planted in a nearby park or landscape. The Balsam fir and Redwood are the most aromatic.
  12. Theater or Symphony Tickets
    For those that already have enough stuff in their houses, give the gift of a wonderful night out. Portland is full of talented actors and musicians just waiting to entertain. With a wide variety of performances there is much to choose from. You may even splurge a ticket for yourself!
  13. Volunteer
    Volunteer Match
    Give the gift of your time to others! Volunteer Match will provide you will a list of opportunities, including ones you can do from home. Narrow down the choices to your favorite cause and make a difference in an area you truly care about. Expand your gift list beyond just people you know this year and help out those in need.


Illustrations by Jenny Frank.