10 Things to Know About Statement of Work documents (SOW)

Posted on Jul 3, 2016
10 Things to Know About Statement of Work documents (SOW)

Being a creative professional means creating but it also means getting paid for what you do, and being a smart businessperson. Mike Monteiro’s 2011 talk for AIGA SF, F* You, Pay Me, generated a lot of buzz in the creative community and changed how many creatives approached legal contracts. Portland’s AIGA offered a less incendiary talk with the hopes of helping the local design community with legal documents such as work agreements and statement of work documents.

AIGA Portland’s CareerTools event series invited Josh Barrett to help creatives be smarter businesspeople with his talk, Where Facts and Creativity Meet: Building an Effective Statement of Work.

I wrote a blog post recap of his top recommendations for the AIGA Portland blog which you can read here: 10 Things to Know About SOW’s (Statements of Work)

Josh Barrett is founder of CreateLegal, a Portland law firm that specializes in advising creative professionals and businesses. He advises designers, developers, and other creative professionals on how to get paid, protect their work, and communicate better.